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Home Workout Programs

Making the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals could be one of the best decisions of your life. You are making the choice to look great and feel great! The next decision you have to make is a sustainable way to achieve these goals. Sometimes you need to be able to squeeze a workout into a very busy schedule, we know how you feel! This is the inspiration behind DynaPro Products. We have used similar products for years, realizing that there are too many gimmick items on the market that you will never find in a gym. We have designed our products based on actual experience and the necessity of quality convenient equipment.

30 Day AB Challenge

Strengthen your core and get that body Summer Ready our FREE 30 Day Ab Guide!

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Home Workout Program

Katie will show you how to have fun and target those muscle groups using the Katie Austin Package

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Quick Start Guides

This is a free resource to help you learn more about getting started with any of our products.

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Today’s Special Offer

DynaPro Direct is a leader in home workout equipment. With thousands of reviews on amazon our products stand out from the rest. Take advantage of this special offer and everything you need to train at home to get results.

Our Customers Say

“I noticed how much stronger and durable they were than the ones I used years ago. I love the D handle with the comfort grip. It makes it so easy to hold and won’t slip or hurt your hand like the standard fabric handles.”


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